Menu unlocked screenshots of ASUS X556UAK

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The modified result of my number 1 and 2  modded , i wanna inject  three tabs ,but the result was failure ,we only can see a new Main tab in bios screen ,
I actually remove these tabs from suppressing region  ,so they should be shown ,but only one appear ,so i think there are another regions to suppress or block Advanced tab and Chipset tab.

Final took a while ,i'm sure i found the another suppress region and try swapping method and remove them from that region.
On number 3 modded ,swapping method  + remove hidden tab "Advanced" from suppress
region.(fill 1227 to 0000)
The screenshots from user's feedback ,it prove my idea is correct.

The result of modded4 ,the same modify way with modded3,but add remove "Chipset tab" from suppress region else. (fill 1227 to 0000)
As i thought ,they're correct appear now.

Final i found that it didn't need to use swapping method to modify ,we only need remove
hidden "Main tab"(1127) from two routine suppress region and also remove 1227 and 1327
from another weird suppress region  then add they to menu display region.

The final result of modded5 in below.

Other detail unlocked screenshots from user.