Unlock hidden Advanced menus for Gigabyte's laptop(Intel platform)




πŸ˜ƒ  Dear all.
I'm plan to offering a assistance to Gigabyte laptop owner to help them out to

unlock the hidden bios menus with their laptop.  I will provide tools to let users to

make a bios dump from their machine ,then they send this bios dump to me to

modify. Please also tell me what the model name of your laptop and what the cpu

configuration ,thanks. 


Before start ,please make sure you know how to boot a usb stick as uefi mode on

your machine , because we need to change some variables on GRUB shell (this 

is work under uefi environment). After we change these variables we can just re-

flash the modified bios file. 

First do a test ,download this then unpack folder EFI to usb stick then reboot. Boot

the usb stick as uefi mode ,if you can access to Grub shell successfully, then you

can send the bios to me. (disable Secure Boot in the bios to let the usb stick can

boot as uefi mode.)

Below is GRUB.


Below are dump tools ,please choose tool that is suitable for your laptop platform.  (Run dump.bat as administrator then it will create a bios dump name dump.rom at the same folder.)

Intel 6th ,7th gen platform

Intel 8th ,9th gen platform

Intel 10th gen platform

Intel 11th gen platform

Intel 12th gen platform




Recently unlocked 11th gen model : 15P YD ,15P XD ,15P KD. But meet one 15G XD owner can't re-flash the modified bios ,so far he still can't figure out the reason.  These laptop users are follow the same guide step by step to re-flash modified bios ,so this is very  weird.

 *.  As long as the bios version of your machine is FExx , it can't be reflashed by
the FPT tool again ,it means that you have to purchase a hardware spi programmer to read/write bios. Below are some devices from a 15P XD owner to read/write FExx bios on his laptop. (FExx bios has a bit different menu structures with FBxx bios.)

[Bios chip]

[spi programmer & wson8 clip]

*. If your laptop is a 12th gen platform  ,i will also suggest you to purchase a spi programmer to read/write bios.



Contact mail : genius239@gmail.com


Make a small donation to support my bios work.
paypal : m987078019@gmail.com
Bitcoin :  3F2LYVrR1cnLKVx4jWEuVvcK8p8zzMqFW3
Ethereum : 0x08f71faaa587b8783c059bd193cedeaf2ab53d7b
USDT(Tether TRC20) :  TEkWfRtzGuyQPa67r2azybr53SBZKYEtPY





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  1. Could you do a menu unlock for the MSI Z390 Carbon Gaming Pro? & how are you able to install the flash? I download the MSI Z390 A PRO file but it's a .1DO instead of .1C2 file :o

    1. I want to know that who told you to flash Z390-A PRO's bios(1.D0) into a Z390 GAMING PRO CARBON board(1c2)? They're different model, of course you can't re-flash it to your board.

      If i have free time i will do this mod.

  2. Hello how are you ?
    Could you please unlock HPET for
    Mso z590carbon wifi. Version 1.5.
    Thank you.

    1. Please capture some screenshots under Settings button and OC button and attach the bios to my mail.

  3. Hello friend, I have gigabyte 15P KD With i7-11800H. Can you help me with unlock bios for undervolting cpu? I am willing to pay! I already sent you email but no response :/.

    1. I don't receive any e-mail about 15P KD in few days ,but i got it in private message on bios forum and i already reply to you.

  4. Hello friend, I have a Gigabyte Aorus15P XD. I need help to unlock the bios of my laptop, I have sent you an email. Thank you

  5. Hello friend, i have a Gigabyte Aorus 15p KD.I need help to unlock the bios of my laptop, but i cant dowload dump by your link, pls help me