Razer Blade 15 advanced menu unlocked



以下為之前幫網友解鎖 Razer Blade筆記本的bios高級菜單的相關截圖,具體完整型號

不是很清楚,只知道是 Razer Blade 15,也過了很久了,就貼出來給大家参考一下。




下面為解鎖高級菜單截圖,另外插入一個oc menu。



Updated 20221107

A  Blade 15 laptop user didn't recommend to modify bios v2.0 and above because it may lose the trackpad function after flash a mod bios. You can get unlocked menus but you will lose this funtion.

If anyone would like to request a mod for the same laptop model ,please make a bios dump with this tool then attach the file to my mail.


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