Zotac Magnus bios menu unlock maker




Dear all 😁

I provided some bios menu makers that can let you create a unlocked bios for your

Zotac series machine and reflash it easily.  I have attach three batch files ,follow

them you will get a advanced menu unlock bios. 


Notice: 😐

The link name = what the bios date you can see under mainboard tab from CPU-Z.

For example :  2K211028 = 10/28/2021 ,please choose a correct version for your



model : ECM73070C



model : MAGNUS EN072070S



The unlocked bios screenshots will like below.

Contact mail : genius239@gmail.com

Make a small donation to support my bios work. 😘

paypal : m987078019@gmail.com
Bitcoin :  3F2LYVrR1cnLKVx4jWEuVvcK8p8zzMqFW3
Ethereum : 0x08f71faaa587b8783c059bd193cedeaf2ab53d7b
USDT(Tether TRC20) :  TEkWfRtzGuyQPa67r2azybr53SBZKYEtPY

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