Zotac Magnus bios menu unlock maker




Dear all 😁

I provided some bios menu makers that can let you create a unlocked bios for your

Zotac series machine and reflash it easily.  I have attach three batch files ,follow

them you will get a advanced menu unlock bios. 


Notice: 😐

The link name = what the bios date you can see under mainboard tab from CPU-Z.

For example :  2K211028 = 10/28/2021 ,please choose a correct version for your



model name : ECM73070C/ECM53060C/ECM7307LH



model name : MAGNUS EN072070S



Recently i saw some users doubt or worry about if you choose wrong  model will brick your machine. In fact that's a wrong information.

1. First let me tell you ,i have confirmed the model name and make sure they are use the same bios ,so i'm  just sorted out they on the same area ,please see the caption below.

Link for ECM53060C official bios.

Link for ECM73070C official bios.

Link for ECM7307LH official bios.

The bios file name of ECM53060C & ECM73070C &  ECM7307LH  are all called

You can compare three "B440P013.bin" in any hex editor ,then you will get the result that they are the same file. So ,it proved ECM53060C & ECM73070C & ECM7307LH are used the same bios file and my tool packaged is made  based on the official bios and i only modified bios setup menus ,so they are safe and you don't worry it.

2. Don't believe wrong information from some newbie bios modder in the forum , even if you mess up the bios menu ,it will not cause a brick. This user seems have no enough experience of bios modification ,so just to say this. 

3. I have done several successful mods for Zotac Magnus series(see here) , but i don't want to do the same steps again and again ,so in order to save time i made this unlock maker. Anyone don't have to force use my unlock maker and i also have no obligation to receive a bios request from anyone , unless you pay the price.

The unlocked bios screenshots will like below.

Contact mail : genius239@gmail.com

Make a small donation to support my bios work. 😘

paypal : m987078019@gmail.com
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