Gigabyte Z490M HPET option unlocked



Few days ago ,i received a private message form a bios forum ,it's a request mail to 

ask a  mod of gigabyte Z490M ,this asker need a HPET option in the bios ,but before he

contact me ,someone seems attempt to make this mod ,but this guy is incapable of

completing this mod. So ,now i take over this hard task




I let the asker to provide the bios dump and three bios screenshots ,then i'm thinking 

about  the solve plan of this mod. Due to there are no particular methods to edit AMI 

bios ,so last i decided to take a modify under Setting => IO Port.


 Mod1's result

Stock content under IO Port tab

Inject CPU - Power Management Control and PCH-IO Configuration tabs and few options



Then we find out  High Precision Timer under PCH-IO Configuration


Next step i wanna do is unlock RFI Settings tab ,its path were CPU - Power 

Management Control => CPU VR Settings => RFI Settings


Stock CPU VR Settings


 After unlocked we can see RFI Settings appears  ,then click it on to enter.

 All options are still hidden under RFI Settings.

 After all unlocked.









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  1. Bonjour, Je trouve intéressant le projet, étant propriétaire d'une Z490 MASTER GIGABYTES!
    Cela m'intéresse et je voulais savoir si vous l'avez terminé et si vous allez le mettre en ligne.
    Vraiment je reconnais votre compétence.