ROG STRIX SCAR GL703GS menu unlocked


Some of menu unlocked screenshots , if someone also had the same laptop and need to 

unlock menu ,i could help but it may take a little fee to modification ,if you could accept it 

,please download this tool to *dump current  bios and attach it and contact me with .


*.Run dump.bat as administrator to backup bios ,after few seconds you can see a file that 

name dump.rom generated in the same directory.

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  1. Hello. I can't take damp.bat off. Tried through the team line, such a team does not exist writes. Programs to remove damp do not work ((((

  2. Sorry , i can't fathom out what your meaning at all.

  3. Do I have to remove damp from my computer? Or can you simply download your bios from the official website and send it to you?

  4. I definitely download DAMP BIOS from your computer, or can I download BIOS from the official site and send you?

    1. I will suggest you to use google translate to tell me what your meaning.

  5. A new BIOS 314 was forced today through Windows driver update, which removed undervolt. Would be possible to patch it to remove undervolt restrictions?