Microcode modified for Dell Optiplex series

and platform type change , so it still can support both with LGA775 and L


GA771 .
Here provided modded for Dell lga775 optiplex series , It only upgrade microcode and change the platform type to 44 to support xeon ,it still can be both support lga775 and lga771 ,don't worry.

[How to reflash] 
Method1 : Use DCCU to package HDR file to a update bios exe file.
run this exe file can automatically update bios.
You could download dccu(Dell Client Configuration Utility) from Dell website.

*.Some virus software will identify this generated exe file be a virus ,i don't know why yet.

Method2 : Use DellBiosUpdate to update modified HDR file.
Visit below link and refer to post#221 and post#229 ,users already
update hdr file with DellBiosUpdate and response they are success.

[Modification link] 

| Optiplex 330 | : A11

| Optiplex 360 | : A07  

| Optiplex 380 | : A07

| Optiplex 755 | : A19    A21    A22    

| Optiplex 760 | : A16       

| Optiplex 780 | : A15    

| Optiplex 960 | : A18       

| Optiplex   XE | : A05    



Bios menu unlocked for ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DU

Menu unlocked - ASUS ROG STRIX II GL704GV