Menu unlocked screenshots of ASUS X407UA

In fact ,this modification is my unscheduled work , an users request guy to help him to

combine bios , because he updated incorrect model(X407UAR) bios to his laptop(X407UA),

and cause many problems. (I'm very curious why EZ Flash allow the different model 

to update?)

Although it can be normally boot again ,but it seems many devices had issue and not work

,visit this link to understand the detail ,a few days ago he seems bought an hardware spi

programer(CH341A) and  he provided the stock bios backup and X407UA official bios hope

someone to help he out ,so i sent PM to him and give the combined bios.

Besides the combined bios ,i also try to edit the bios menu ,we can view the menu structure with AMIBCP  ,the red range are current display tabs.

I'm plan to inject three useful tabs into bios screen.

But the result let me feel discouraged ,it only extra tab "Main" appear but can't see "Advanced"and "chipset" ,it may somethings i ignored.

I check the AMITSE module again and spent few minute , finally i've got it ,like this blue
background of asus laptop has different method to unlock menu , it had extra region to 
suppressing the menu tabs , so i edit bios again and sent it to user to testing.

Below is finally result you can see.

Now that user had other new problem ,due to we use official bios to revert  ,so its some original detail will disappear ,such as uuid , motherboard SN , mac address or other information.


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