How tune or overclocking memory freq on unlocked bios.




a) Navigate to bios path OverClocking Menu > Memory Overclocking Menu > Memory

, then choose xmp profile1 or xmp profile2 to load xmp information from memory's spd.


Sample for load xmp profile from model G732LWS


b) You could set memory ratio manually ,please  navigate to bios path 

OverClocking Menu > Memory Overclocking Menu > Memory

,then choose Custom Profile.


Next step you could set Memory Ratio and Memory Reference Clock to changes the 

memory freq  ,for a sample if you set  Memory Ratio to 11;

it will run as (133x11) x 2 = ddr4 2933mhz ,set it to 12 , you will get (133x12) x 2 = ddr4 



Of course if you are a  advanced user for tune memory timing or other parameter ,it  might

get higher performance of memory . But all at your own risk.



Below is an feedback from a China user ,he overclock memory to 3460mhz unexpectedly

and it seems stable and pass the burn test .

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