ASUS FX505DD unlocked Advanced menu ,AMD CBS menu and AMD PBS menu.


Here are some screenshots of unlocked Advanced menu from ASUS FX505DD. 


AIDA64 information ,memory clock already to ddr4 3000.

 AMD CBS menu's main sub-items.

Zen common options

 DF common options


  UMC common options


AMD PBS menu


What's the hardware SPI Programmer ?please visit this link.


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  1. 作者已經移除這則留言。

    1. You shouldn't share this mod ,there are some reasons.
      1. This guy don't have a spi programmer to write/read data.
      2. If he write your bios ,he will lost motherboard related information such as SN ,mac address or uuid or more we don't know ,or even his win10 authorization will be loose.
      3. I've told him sevral time he should attach the bios dump via spi programmer then let me to edit ,but now this guy still only can say "please" or"where to download bios"...etc , so before he attach the bios dump to me ,i will not take notice of him.

  2. 回覆
    1. I said again , if you want to get a mod for your fx505dd ,please attach bios dump via a spi programmer let me to edit.
      I've said several times to you ,but now i still can't see you attach any bios dump.

    2. Sorry sir i have the bios given by asus company but i dont know how to use spi programmer and again sorry i didnt want to disturb you sorry sir

  3. 作者已經移除這則留言。

  4. Hello. I have an asus fx505du al070t laptop. I made a dump with the ch341a programmer. Please, unlock the BIOS for me. Where can I send it to you?

  5. Спасибо тебе , мужик за работу. Всё работает стабильно.
    Thank you, man, for your work. Everything works stably.